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All You Wanted to Know And More

Is my current bank safe deposit box FDIC insured?

NO! Banks do not insure safe boxes. We have partnered with SDBIC to provide you up to $500,000 in insurance for your valuables held at Guardian Vault. Click here to learn more!

Privacy is very important to me. Will anyone know I am a customer? By “anyone” I mean the government, my spouse, my bank, my attorney, the IRS, etc.?

NO! We are not required to report to any government agency that you have a safe deposit box with us, and, if anyone were to ask we do not disclose information about our customers.

Do I need to be a permanent resident to open a box and what ID's do I need to bring?

We need basic ID information (unless you choose to remain anonymous) and a valid form of payment such as cash, checks, credit/debit. Please click here for our anonymous box rental process.

Is my anonymous upfront deposit refundable?

Yes! You will get your entire upfront $300 deposit back when your rent payment is up to date and both keys are returned.

I have a tight schedule but need to rent a box. Can I handle the paperwork and payment by phone, maybe even receive the keys by mail?

Yes! We can definitely accommodate this over the phone and even accept payments, this will speed up the process! To learn more about our keys by mail option, click here.

I found it difficult to add my kids and my spouse to my box at the bank, do you make it easier?

YES! Primary users can add secondary users and beneficiaries without them being present.

How many keys do I get?

We give you the only two keys that come with the box. No spare keys are kept on site.

If I get 2 keys does this mean I can only have one other secondary user on my box?

No. There is no limit to the number of users the primary user may add to her/his box, however, secondary users must have one of the two keys to access the contents in the box. We cannot access any safe deposit boxes on site.

At the bank I cannot remove someone from my box without them present, can I do this here?

Yes! The primary user may remove a secondary user or beneficiary without that user present.

What if I have an emergency and need to enter after hours? For example, if my Passport is in my box and I need to access it on a Sunday?

We offer a 24/7 concierge service meaning that if there is an emergency we will let you in after hours. We ask that you text and then call the phone number.

What happens if the power goes out? Can I still access my box?

Yes! The attendee will be able to let you into the vault manually. You will be responsible or bringing your safe deposit box key.

What if there is a fire?

Our boxes are fire resistant and UL Listed.

Do you need any of my personal information like an SSN or date of birth?

No, we do not ask for such information.

Do you allow firearms to be stored inside the safe boxes?

Yes, we do, click here to learn more about firearms storage.

When are you closed throughout the year?

We are closed on Sunday and all major holidays. Click here to see list of holidays this year.

Does your facility allow for wheelchair accessibility?

Yes, our facility is ADA accessible.  

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