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Our Story

An Idea Was Born…


One day while working at the Redmond, WA Wells Fargo branch, our founder Brandon, was helping an elderly couple with some simple maintenance requests – they wanted to add their 3 adult children to their safe deposit box so when the time came, their children could access the box and sort out their affairs.  However, when Brandon told them all three children needed to be present to do so, it was an impossible feat.  The couple told him their adult children lived busy lives all over the country; the request could not be fulfilled.


The next week, Brandon had another safe deposit customer who had some extremely valuable possessions he wanted to place in his safe deposit box and he assumed his box was FDIC insured, however, this is not the case and banks do not offer safe deposit box insurance.


To further compound matters, Brandon grew increasingly uncomfortable with the relaxed and free-flowing nature of the identification process when admitting safe deposit box customers into the vault. The only requirement was that the signature to sign-in to the vault matched that of the signature-card at the time of purchase - no IDs were required, no passwords, no fingerprints, no verification whatsoever.


Between the lack of flexibility around adding and removing users to one’s own box, the lack of an insurance option, and the extremely relaxed standards around entering the vault - Brandon became extremely frustrated. It was as if the industry was created decades ago and was NEVER updated with new technology and conveniences for the modern lifestyle & the increase in sophisticated threats.


Brandon knew he HAD to do something to improve the process and customer experience. The idea for Guardian Vault was born.  Brandon knew he could provide a much higher level of security and at the same time offer many more conveniences, including better control and access than banks whose decades-old systems and unwillingness to pivot was providing customers with frustrating and alienating customer experience. Brandon also discovered that in fact, banks were looking to get out of the safe deposit box industry altogether and have no interest in reviewing and improving their processes and procedures.


Between the many shortcomings at banks and the growing waiting list of people across Washington State looking for the security and protection of a safe deposit box, Brandon knew he could make a difference by providing an Independent, Private Safe Deposit Box company - a system outside of the grossly flawed system.


This was not the first time Brandon had served his local community when they needed him.  Born and raised in Redmond by a Dad who coached him and his twin brother, Justin, at the Boys & Girls Club and a Mom who was a prominent teacher for over 20 years, Brandon likewise lent his gifts and talents by coaching, tutoring at local schools, and in different leadership roles and management positions.


Becoming A Reality...


Just like when playing ball at the Boys and Girls Club, Brandon knew he needed teammates with diverse strengths dedicated to building his vision and creating this venture that had never before been offered to the public with this level of security, access, and common sense management. Brandon’s co-worker, Sandeep Thomas, understood the intricacies and the current customer frustrations of the industry; this understanding coupled with his software knowledge would help build the Guardian Vault infrastructure.  Lastly, as every sports team needs a coach, Sandeep and Brandon were extremely fortunate to find a couple of very experienced partners who took them to school on how to launch a successful business and have been coaching and supporting them ever since.


Brandon's VISION is Orchestrated…


Guardian Vault is the FIRST ever Accredited Vault in the Pacific Northwest and has clients that use their services as far away as Oregon, British Columbia, and Idaho.  Brandon’s visions for security and processes are far superior to, and vastly surpass that of banks. From the enormous 8’x5’ Vault Door that’s virtually impenetrable, the bullet- & missile-proof interior protecting the Safe Deposit Boxes from every possible intrusion, 24/7 monitoring, to the state of the art sensors that not only watch and listen but also feel, rest assured, the threat of security breach – man-made or natural – is eliminated making Guardian Vault one hundred times safer than any single-family residence.


Redmond has always been home to Brandon, and now, he is proud to say that at Guardian Vault, we strive to keep your valuables safe, secure, and accessible giving you the peace of mind that whatever you store with us will be protected from all threats and will be there whenever you need it. Everyone is invited to come visit us, take a free - no-pressure – tour, and learn about all the layers of security we have infused into the intelligence of Guardian Vault.