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5 Reasons Why Having Your Mail and/or Packages Delivered to a Safe Location is Important

Guardian Vault now offers Mail and Package services for those who need a safe and secure location for mail and package delivery. Roughly 8-10 American shoppers are online shoppers and have packages delivered to their doorstep. With package theft on the rise as more and more Americans continue to shop online, there are several reasons why having a safe place for your package delivery is important. Below are 5 reasons why having your mail and or packages delivered to a safe location is important.

1) Larceny: Washington is the 6th biggest state for package theft. Package theft is considered larceny and Washington State ranks sixth with 2,194.40 thefts per every 1000,000 residents, we are ranked just above Oregon and just below South Carolina.

2) Cost: Guardian Vault has the smallest charge for a private mailbox in the area, and, for those who just want to focus on packages, we have a “package delivery only” option which is even better deal. For just $200 per year you can have all your packages delivered to Guardian Vault and they will be kept safe until you come pick them up. You will receive a text message to come collect your items as soon as they are delivered and checked in.

3) Business Owners: For those entrepreneurs who want to start a small business but prefer not to use their home address as a business address, a Guardian Vault mailbox is perfect. You will have the required physical address for a business address to be in compliance and we will hold your mail in your box until you come and receive it. Additionally, it looks more professional than a P.O. Box.

4) Privacy: Only folks you designate as recipients can come and claim your packages. No one will know you are receiving deliveries and we store them safely until you, or someone you have assigned as designated recipient, comes to retrieve your goods. This is great for hiding gifts during the Holidays or ordering something special for you or a loved one.

5) Convenience: We are located in the Village at Redmond Ridge right next to QFC and are open from 9-6pm Monday-Saturday.

Having your packages delivered to a secure location is an excellent way to keep yourself safe! Click here for more details or to purchase your Mailbox or Package Service with Guardian Vault today!

-Brandon Sylvestal

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