5 Things You Should Put in a Private Safe Deposit Box Before a Financial Disaster

Are you worried about not having enough money while going through a divorce?

Do you need to protect the assets you have worked so hard to save and put away?

Do you know where to secure and insure your gold, jewelry and important documents?

Stop worrying and LEARN how to yourself for these difficult challenges. Filing for bankruptcy or divorce, experiencing sudden unemployment or losing one’s home due to a natural disaster can be one of the most uncomfortable, intrusive and uncertain times in a person’s life. With a little bit of time and planning you can prepare now for a worst case scenario by putting these 5 Important Things into A PRIVATE Safe Deposit Box today:

1. Gold & Precious Metals are typically seen as “Safe Haven” assets in times of uncertainty and cannot be traced. 2. Prepaid Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards are an alternative to banking cards, and are not traceable to a bank account. 3. Cash. Having enough cash on hand is vital for essential or non-discretionary expenses out-of-pocket in the event of a personal emergency or disaster. 4.  Important Documents for insurance claims or to receive emergency aid:

  • Property records, Car Title, Deed

  • Birth certificates, Adoption records, Social Security Cards

  • Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, Death certificate 

  • Insurance policies

  • Passports, Will

  • Precious photos 

  • Digital files

  • List of emergency contact information

5. Jewelry, Coins and Collectables with high value or are irreplaceable heirlooms. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we planned, but we can take steps to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Protect your valuables and important documents by safely tucking them away in a Private Safe Deposit Box at Guardian Vault.

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