A message from Founder and Co-Owner - Sandeep T.

Safe Deposit Lockers are an excellent way, and often the only way, to guarantee that our most precious and important valuables are kept safe from theft, damage, and loss. 

In our community, we have items that have been passed down from generations, items that have traveled many miles, items of wealth and history, items of internal and external value, and items that cannot be replaced.  

For items such as these we need to be absolutely certain they are safe from harm and accessible when needed.

This means securing these items in a safe place where only we can get them, and, a place where such items can be insured.

This place is Guardian Vault. Guardian has the level of security to offer you and your friends and family the safety you need to ensure that your most valued items are protected from natural disasters (we are fire proof, flood proof, earthquake proof) and theft. We have built Guardian Vault with world class security.

We have also created benefits for friends & family referrals and we hope you are able to take advantage of this great offer.

-Sandeep T. – Founder and Co-Owner

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