COVID-19 Update/Local Business Recognition

During these challenging times we’d like to thank our community for pulling together and helping each other out. Times are tough - it takes a village during "normal" times, and even more effort during a catastrophic situation like COVID-19. As an essential local business, we are committed to providing our customers with the safety, security, privacy, and daily access that they have become accustomed to. With that in mind we are keeping regular business hours for the convenience of our clients and we are adhering to all suggested activities and going above and beyond to keep our clients and our community safe.

At Guardian Vault, we are taking this pandemic very seriously and we understand that our clients still need access to their valuables stored safely in our vault. After every visit we wipe down all of the surfaces our clients come into contact with. We provide antibacterial wipes, spray and paper towels both in the lobby and in the vault for clients who would like to wipe their hands and or wipe down surfaces themselves just to be extra careful.

We encourage our clients to practice all safety measures to keep themselves and our community safe. We also encourage our community to support local businesses that are going above and beyond for our community and doing extraordinary things to contribute to the lives of those on the front lines.

We’d like to recognize Lisa Dupar Catering in Redmond, WA for their outstanding work in the community. Lisa Dupar Catering is pivoting their business and is now providing “Gratitude Meals” for first responders, healthcare workers, and essential employees - really amazing work here. Find the full story here. Thank you for your wonderful work and your commitment to the community! (Please feel free to donate to Gratitude Meals by clicking here.)

Please be safe and stay healthy!

-Brandon & Sandeep

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