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Did you know that Feeling Protected Makes you Happy?

Feeling worried and unprotected lately?  A lot of us are.  The need to feel protected is huge for most people. 

Safety and protection are a big deal for me. I want to be safe, I want my loved ones to be safe. I find that when you increase safety and protection for you and your loved ones - that's a tremendous demonstration of personal responsibility.

My attitude towards safety comes from a very simple place: when I know I am safe, I feel good. Feeling safe makes me feel happy - simple as that!

I never understood the importance of peace of mind until I graduated High School and was responsible for taking care of my own affairs. I remember the first time I ran out of toothpaste while living in my college dorm. I could no longer simply walk down the hall to mom and dad’s bathroom and grab another tube - I had to go to the store and buy my own. I was shocked! I just assumed toothpaste came with the bathroom!

As I grew older, I began to recognize new and more serious responsibilities popping up from everywhere and with them came the threats and vulnerabilities of being unprepared. That lack of preparation, that lack of taking responsibility to prevent a problem, leads to fear and a mental state of being that can be distracting and downright debilitating.

Separating ourselves from the vulnerabilities that bring on that fear is what gives us peace of mind. It alleviates the worry and allows us to focus on other more important and productive matters - peace of mind is paramount to that feeling of safety and security.

We at Guardian Vault are here to give you peace of mind by keeping your most important, sensitive, and valuable possessions safe from all forms of disaster (home theft, fire, loss, misplacement, bank closures, divorce, etc). Just knowing that my most important valuables such as financial documents, cash, heirlooms, etc., are as safe as they could ever be, and insured, makes me feel secure, makes me feel protected, and makes me feel safe.  We at Guardian Vault strive to do the same for you - let us know how we can help!

-Brandon (Co-Founder)

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