Hey, Brandon, What’s In YOUR Box?

Safe Deposit Boxes perform a special and specific function in the lives of many people who feel they have something of value that requires maximum protection. Much like how we insure our cars, our properties, and our lives, keeping precious possessions safe that we cannot afford to replace is a large part of everyone’s lives and a tremendous part of being responsible.

When folks ask themselves, “do I need a safe deposit box?” the answer lies in how you value your possessions. Not all items that go into a safe box have monetary value, and not all things are important or valuable to all people. I have a blanket that I have had my entire life and it always reminds me of home. To you, it may look like an old ball of yellow yarn, but to me, it looks and feels like where I grew up. This item has zero monetary value, yet it cannot be replaced, and I would run into a burning building for it. This is something that I keep safe because I cannot afford to lose it. For me, this blanket is an old familiar face that may not see all the time but who’s importance never goes away. I received this handstand blanket when I was born, I had it through high school, I brought it with me to the dorms in college, and now as grown-up it has become one of my most precious belongings and one of my oldest friends.

Storing items such as a secret stash of cash, precious metals, heirlooms, and important documents are a given, most of us understand the value in that, but sometimes we have items that are extra special, items that make us think of a time we cherished, a time we loved, and a time we will not allow ourselves to forget. Yes, there is an old ratty blanket stored inside of a state of the art high security vault boasting multiple sensors, bio-metrics and a massive vault door, but that old ratty blanket is one the most precious and valuable items that I own and I am confident that it is as safe as it will ever be – tucked away securely inside of a safe deposit box.

-Brandon Sylvestal

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