What's the difference between a bank safe deposit box and a private safe deposit box?

Guardian Vault Is NOT a Bank!

What’s the difference between a bank-owned safe deposit box and a Guardian Vault safe deposit box?

There are four huge differences between a Private Safe Deposit Box Facility like Guardian Vault and a bank-owned safe deposit box that you could use at Wells Fargo or Chase Bank.

The differences are based on four factors:

● Privacy & Anonymity

● Items that are allowed in the vault

● Insurance for individual boxes

● Accessibility

1. Privacy & Anonymity

Guardian Vault prioritizes the privacy of its clients and has procedures and processes in place to protect that privacy.

Guardian Vault never asks for social security numbers (SSN) or dates of birth.

Guardian Vault does not report a client list to any authoritative (government) agencies or make said list available to any such agencies.

Guardian Vault clients may choose to remain anonymous with an option for maximum protection and privacy. The only way someone would know that you have a safe deposit box with Guardian Vault is if you tell them yourself.

Guardian Vault will never confirm to a third party that you have a safe box and because we do not require a SSN or date of birth, this keeps clients safe from soft-credit pulls used to expose all banking information to any curious agency, attorney, etc.

2. Items Allowed in the Vault

Guardian Vault does not require an inventory of box contents. Most banks are reluctant to allow cash in the safe deposit box even though safe box owners are not required to disclose the contents of their box.

For example, the second line of the Chase Bank Safe Box Lease form states clients are prohibited from storing cash in their safe boxes, however, though the Wells Fargo Safe Box Lease Form (and many other banks) states that cash (and gold) is acceptable, it is not recommended because bank safe boxes ARE NOT insured through FDIC or any other insurance agency.

3. Insurance

Guardian Vault offers insurance up to $500,000.00 per box and does not require a list of the contents.

As of 2020, Wells Fargo has limited the total value of items stored in your safe box to $10,000.00 maximum. This is to protect themselves, not their clients.

4. Accessibility

Convenient Hours. Guardian Vault has much more convenient hours of operation than banks. Guardian Vault is open from 9am-6pm, Monday through Saturday and has not closed or altered operations during the current pandemic.

An Essential Business. Guardian Vault is an essential business and has not made any changes and has been business as usual from the beginning of the pandemic. Guardian Vault also offers a free 24/7 service allowing clients to gain access before or after hours when necessary, it is asked that clients not take advantage and use this service for emergencies only.

Why Choose Guardian Vault to secure your valuables and important documents?

Guardian Vault is a privately owned, high-security, mini-storage facility that is off the grid. Guardian Vault is not a bank and places a high premium on client privacy and confidentiality. By operating independently, Guardian Vault answers to no agency, safeguards client valuables and individual anonymity to offer maximum protection of client privacy and property.

If you are looking for an off-the-grid location to safeguard your important documents like titles, bonds, Wills and deeds, or to protect comic book collections, antique guns, thumb drives and laptops, consider Guardian Vault as your safe haven.

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