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At Guardian Vault we understand that not everyone has access to our secure safe deposit box facility to keep their important items, such as documents, heirlooms, collectibles, and private personal items safe, secure, and insured. We have had many would-be clients suggest that we offer a service for those folks out of driving range of our facility.  We have listened and we have answered with Safe Box by Mail!


Our Safe Box by Mail program allows folks from anywhere in the country to send us their belongings for safe storage at our state-of-the-art facility here in Redmond, WA. We have an excellent process in place to give our clients confidence that their items will never be tampered with, viewed, or miss treated while under our care. Guardian Vault will send you a “kit” with everything you need to secure your belongings and ship them to us safely, secretly, and easily. We have partnered with UPS to handle the shipping to and from our facility here in Redmond, WA.


Should you have any questions about this new and exciting service feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Guardian Vault is here to keep your important personal items safe and secure. Ask us about our safe box insurance for an extra level of security!

Client Process:

Upon receiving the kit

  • Safe Box By Mail Kit will contain…

    • Shipping label to Guardian Vault

    • 10x Packing Pillows (only if 10x10)

    • 1x Cardboard Safe Box

    • 1x Packing Lists

    • 8x Kraft Water Activated Packing Tape, two 3ft strips, 6 2ft strips

    • 6x Security Tape

Step 1

  • Place your belongings into the Cardboard Safe Box.

    1. If a 10x10 use the Packing Pillows to your discretion.

Step 2

  • Seal the Cardboard Safe Box with the Kraft Water Activated Tape.

    • Use one 3ft strip across the length of the box, and three 2ft strips across the width. Lightly dampen with a sponge or cloth the adhesive side of the tape and secure across package as instructed.

    • Sign and date the Security Tape and place three pieces of Security Tape across the length of the opening on the top of the box and across the bottom.

      • Take note of the serial number on our security tape. Upon return of your items, the serial numbers will be the same and the tape will be untampered with.

      • Upon receiving your package, if we find the tape is not ‘clean” and appears to signs of tamper, we will not accept the package.

(Security Tape should appear as such) (If the security tape has been tampered with, it will appear as so.) *Lightly dampen the adhesive side of the tape to activate.*

Step 3

  • Place the Cardboard Safe Box back into the Shipping Box.

  • Take the Packing List and stick to the top of the Shipping Box, place shipping label to Guardian Vault into the Packing List.

  • Use the remaining 3ft strip of Kraft Water Activated Packing Tape across the length of the box, and the remaining three 2ft strips across the width of the box.

  • Drop off at UPS.

Upon receiving the padded envelope

  1. The envelope should contain…

    • 1x Bubble Shipping Envelope (used to return keys to GV retrieve box)

    • 1x Packing List

    • 1x Shipping label to GV

    • 2x Safe Box Keys

    • GV Business Cards

  2. When you want your items returned simply take the enclosed Bubble Shipping Envelope, insert one key if you wish to keep the both, two keys if you wish to close, attach the Packing List to the envelope with the shipping label addressed to GV, and drop it off at UPS. Upon receiving your package Guardian Vault will ship your safe box back to you.

Offered on 3x10 and 10x10 boxes. Additional $99.99 covers the shipping, handling, and service charge. This is a "Promotional Price" and subject to change.