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Have a look at most frequently asked questions.

Is my bank Safe Deposit Box FDIC insured?

Why shouldn't I use a bank for my Safe Deposit Box needs? Banks don't offer insurance for their Safe Deposit Boxes, but at Guardian Vault, we've taken extra steps to protect your valuables. We've partnered with SDBIC (Safe Deposit Box Insurance Company) after getting accredited with their help. This means we can provide up to $500,000 in insurance coverage for your valuable possessions.

What if I have an emergency and need to enter after hours? For example, if my Passport is in my Safe Deposit Box at Guardian Vault and I need to access it on a Sunday?

We offer flexible access - with simple e-mail during business hours, we will let you in after hours. We ask that you email us at There is no charge for this service, we just ask that people limit this to emergencies only. Only available with 24-hour notice.

What do you recommend that I store in a Safety Deposit Box at Guardian Vault?

Good candidates include originals of key documents, such as birth certificates, property deeds, car titles, U.S. Savings Bonds, family keepsakes, valuable collectibles, pictures or videos of your home's contents for insurance purposes, and negatives for irreplaceable photos, Bitcoin block chain addresses, your Will, Power of Attorney, etc.

Please Note: A home safe is not a true replacement for a Safe Deposit Box at Guardian Vault.  Home safes are not as secure and protected as Safe Deposit Boxes at Guardian Vault.

"Guardian Vault facilities are built to protect our client’s valuables from every disaster one could imagine. This focus on protection and the addition of insurance for your valuables makes our vaults a much safer option than your home and leaves you better protected from theft, fire, flood, tornado, or any act of God,”  

- Brandon Sylvestal, Owner

What items are prohibited from your safe deposit boxes?

Any intoxicating liquors, perishable items, narcotics or property of an explosive or offensive nature, or any property the possession of which is prohibited by local, state or federal law, or which is or may become a nuisance to Guardian Vault or any other tenant, or for any other purpose than the deposit of securities, documents, valuables and other like property.