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Actual Size - 15" x 10" x 24"
$ 799.99 USD
$ 899.99 USD
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Secure Access

Two Sets of Keys

Free $5k Insurance

Time-Based Discounts

Able to Upgrade




3, 5, 10-Year

Good to know

Have a look at the general overview of this option and the most frequently asked questions.

Do I have access to my box at all times?

During business hours you available to freely access your safety deposit box at your own convenience. After business hours you are able to access your box by appointment at any time.

Can I add more insurance?

Yes! Each box comes with a free $5,000 coverage. That said, if you need more you are able to cover your box up to over $1,000,000!

Is there strong security protecting my valuables?

Absolutely. Our major goal is to protect the valuables of each of our customers. Guardian Vault is protected by a state of the art security system at all times. Access is control through biometrics and human confirmation.

Can i upgrade my box over time?

Yes. At any time if you feel the need to update your storage needs we will happily upgrade you to the right box for you.

Listen to satisfied customers

Don't just take our word for it, Guardian Vault has plenty of satisfied customers who are willing to share their experience.

Mike Iodice

"Owners are very friendly and professional. The facility is secure and safe. All around very impressed and glad to have found this place."

from Google Reviews
Paige Brewer

"I love this place! I needed safe, off-site storage for hard copy and digital copy of my book while it was in process. Guardian Vault gave me the perfect place, so secure, easy and close by. Now I am keeping it for other valuables. The owner is all about keeping whatever I wanted safe, answering all my questions, and making me feel comfortable with the process. I have peace of mind now."

from Google Reviews

More than just safety

Every Guardian Vault deposit box comes with perks

Always Secure

Boxes are protected and monitored at all times. Access is governed by security and biometrics.

Logged Access

If you do not want to enroll in the biometrics access program, no problem! We also log access by hand.

Certified Quality

Our boxes are certified with vault grade materials and locks. We use the same stuff as the Federal Reserve.

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